Stereoscopic Mirror

A stereoscopic mirror, also known as a beamsplitter mirror, provides superior optical quality for optical engineering and scientific applications. Unlike a standard two way mirror, our stereoscopic mirrors provides a tint-free, undistorted image. The calculator below provides immediate pricing and ordering.

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Product Features

Chemically Strengthened First Surface Mirror

Dielectric beamsplitter technology provides superior optical quality at an affordable price.

Chemically Strengthened First Surface Mirror

Anti-reflective (AR) coating on backside prevents a double image (ghosting).

Chemically Strengthened First Surface Mirror

Color neutral mirror coating prevents unnatural tinting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Yes, we ship worldwide via FedEx and shipping is automatically calculated when you check out. Duties and taxes are billed separately on delivery.

What's the largest size you can make?

We can make up to 49″x70″ in both 3mm and 4mm thicknesses.

How likely is it that my glass will break in shipping?

We carefully package and fully insure all of our shipments. If it should arrive broken, please send us pictures of the box and broken glass and we will ship you a replacement.

What's the difference in quality between your products?

The glass is optical grade, so we recommend that over the acrylic for most applications. The 1/4″ glass is our best value–the added thickness of the glass provides a much better flatness than thinner glass.

Are the mirrors sharp?

We carefully sand the edges and corners with a wet belt sander to take off the sharp edge.

How should I clean them?

To maximum the life of the mirror coating, we recommend isopropyl alcohol 50% solution (lens cleaner). The best wipes for cleaning are Kimwipes, which is a specialty item you may not find in local stores.

How accurate is your cutting?

We typically cut to +/- 1/16″ (1.5mm) unless added accuracy is requested.

About Us

Our factory is located in Toledo, Ohio and we have been manufacturing beamsplitter mirror products for twenty years. We offer superior optical grade quality, expert packaging, fast customer support, and ship your order efficiently and quickly, usually within one day.